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Who We Are

Wildwood, New Jersey has been the home of the National Marbles Tournament for decades. The tournament was founded in 1922 and has provided thousands of dollars in college scholarships to the national champions and winners of the sportsmanship award for their professional skills in the rings at the historic boardwalks's Ringer Stadium every summer.

Over 1,200 games are played over the four day tournament among a backdrop of ferris wheels and rollercoasters. Champion Mibsters (marble shooters) from local tournaments around the United States compete in the big show with families and fans cheering on their support!

Proudly hosting the longest running kids tournament in the country, our committee is here for any questions you may have about the tournament or marbles!

Check out the All the Marbles a marble documentary. Thank You WQED and many thanks to our Pittsburgh marbles family! 

marble games

Your Donation Matters

Every year the National Marble Tournament awards 2 champions and 2 sportsmanship winners with college scholarships. These scholarships keep the fun, spirit, and competiveness of the tournament alive and wouldn't be possible without your help. Give next years mibsters help with their college funds by clicking on the button below to donate today!

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Reach out with any questions you may have and our team will get back with you shortly.

If you have pictures of this years national tournament and would like to have them published please send them to

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