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The National Marbles Tournament was first held in 1922. The "mibsters"(marble shooters) compete for national honors, college scholarships and numerous prizes and awards. The mibsters will play more than a 1,200 games over the four-day tournament. Champions selected from local tournaments held in cities and counties around the United States represent thousands of competitors and will converge on Wildwood for a week of serious marble competition and fun on amusement rides and boardwalk attractions. The national committee operates the tournament which is composed of a group of volunteer men & women from around the country that have a common interest in the game of marbles. National Marbles Tournament a Non-Profit organization under US tax code 501(c)(3).

Tournament Info


Mibsters aged 7-14 who have won a local championship


Over 1200 marble games played over 4 days 


Every June the week after Father's Day


Ringer stadium in Wildwood New Jersey


To provide fun and scholarships to kids across the nation 

Tournament Info
national marble tournament board

Meet The Board


Vice President / Treasurer

Board member

Board Member

Tournament Director


We Need Your Support Today!

Every year the National Marble Tournament awards 2 champions and 2 sportsmanship winners with college scholarships. These scholarships keep the fun, spirit, and competiveness of the tournament alive and wouldn't be possible without your help. Give next years mibsters help with their college funds by clicking on the button below to donate today!

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