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Organize A

Marble Team!

Starting a marble program can be a BIG task. The National Marbles Tournament Committee put together ideas to help you get started. If you see something below that you are confused on or have questions please do not hesitate to contact us. 

marble players
marble games rules

Know Your Rules

All champions start from the beginning and knowing the rules gets you one step closer to the tournament! Learn our official rules and get your future champions headed in the right direction to become a national winner. 



Want to know every past boy and girl champion and scholarship winner throughout the years? Or see how your local winners need to perform to have a chance at the crown? See the names and stats from previous tournaments throughout the years and know what it takes to sit in the throne.



If you are interested in participating for the tournament we have included an area for registration to make it easier for you! In order to access registration you will need to be approved by one of our board members. Fill out the sign up form and we will get back with you shortly. Thank you for showing interested in the tournament!

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